EnableLogging Property

Set EnableLogging to True to enable logging IMAP4 session into log file.

By default logging is turned off because it slightly reduces performance. Logging is recommeneded for debug purposes only.

Value Type: Boolean
Parameters: None 
Remarks: You can enable logging on even before assigning license key (for example, to determine how many days of trial period have gone up to date)

Usage example:

Dim Mailer
'Using visual basic to create object
Set Mailer = CreateObject("MailBee.IMAP4")
'Using ASP to create object
'Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("MailBee.IMAP4")
'In ASP use Response.Write instead of MsgBox
Mailer.EnableLogging = True
Mailer.LogFilePath = "C:\my_log.txt"
Mailer.LicenseKey = "put your license key here"
If Mailer.Connect("mailserver.com", 143, "MyName", "MyPassword") Then
  MsgBox "Connected successfully"
End If

See Also:

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