ServerResponse Property

Returns the last reply of the IMAP4 server.

This reply is returned as a result of last command sent to the server (the text of this command is available through ClientRequest property value).

Be aware that ServerResponse string can be very large. Usually the only thing needed is server status message (such as "OK Accepted" or "NO Password is incorrect"). To get status message, examine ServerStatusResponse property.

Use this property if you need exact knowledge of what server reply is. For example, if user authentication failed even if UserName and Password were correct and network connection was stable, you may check this property to determine why the IMAP4 server rejected the connection.

Value Type: String
Parameters: None 
Remarks: This property is read-only

Usage example:

Dim Mailer
'Using visual basic to create object
Set Mailer = CreateObject("MailBee.IMAP4")
'Using ASP to create object
'Set Mailer = Server.CreateObject("MailBee.IMAP4")
'In ASP use Response.Write instead of MsgBox
Mailer.EnableLogging = True
Mailer.LogFilePath = "C:\my_log.txt"
Mailer.LicenseKey = "put your license key here"
Mailer.ServerName = ""
Mailer.UserName = "MyName"
Mailer.Password = "Wrong password"
If Not Mailer.IsError Then
  MsgBox "Connected successfully"
ElseIf Mailer.ErrCode > 300 Then ' IMAP4-specific error, i.e. not connection error
  MsgBox "Server responded: " & Mailer.ServerResponse
  MsgBox Mailer.ErrDesc
End If

See Also:

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