Configuring sending of invitations via SMTP server

Creating user results in sending invitation message via email.

By default InvitationLink module will try to send email using standard mail() function of PHP. But if you run into a problem with this method on your enviroment you can configure email sender to use some SMTP server for email sending. Currently you have to edit configuration file of InvitationLink module for that.

Open YOUR_INSTALLATION_ROOT/data/settings/modules/InvitationLinkWebclient.config.json in your favorite text editor.

Fill in the fields according to the following examples:

"NotificationEmail": "mail@localhost",
"NotificationHost": "localhost",
"NotificationPort": "25",
"NotificationUseAuth": "Off",
"NotificationLogin": "",
"NotificationPassword": ""

Now you are ready to switch InvitationLink module to use SMTP mail sender. Change value of NotificationType to smtp and save configuration file.

To make sure that everything works as expected try to re-send invitation link. Go to Adminpanel > Users, select user and press "Re-send" button under the Invitation Link field.

If there are still issues with sending of invitation emails, please enable logging, reproduce the issue and check the logs.