Aurora documentation

Account registration and password reset

In most cases, new email accounts are created via AdminPanel. However, you might wish to enable user account self-registration and password reset features.

NB: This is only available for MailSuite Pro and MTA edition of Aurora. Signup and password reset are not available in AfterLogic WebMail or in web edition of Aurora, because these features don't work via standard email protocols and require direct integration with mail server.

The following options need to be set in /opt/afterlogic/html/data/settings/settings.xml file:


If the value is set to On, a link to registration screen will be enabled on login screen.

<RegistrationDomains />

Here you need to provide a list of domains users can create accounts in. Domain names here are separated with commas.

<RegistrationQuestions />

This value denotes secret questions users are asked while registering a new account. You can supply one or several questions, multiple values are separated with "|" character.


If the value is set to On, a link to password screen will be enabled on login screen. When user requests password reset, it is assumed they have created an account themselves, and have provided answers to secret questions.

Please bear in mind that, when new accounts are created, that increases total number of user accounts hosted by the product installation. Thus, you need to make sure your license allows for sufficient amount of user accounts.