Aurora documentation

What is Aurora


In terms of architecture, AfterLogic Aurora is:


Aurora is an extendable solution, it comes with multiple built-in modules, each of them can be disabled:

∙ Email    ∙ Contacts    ∙ Calendar    ∙ Files    ∙ Helpdesk     ∙ Add your own 

Email module, for example, is optional for Aurora. It may include mailserver and webmail components, or just the webmail interface. It's also possible to add custom modules and integrate Aurora with other applications.

Aurora is collaboration platform and it offers the following groupware features:

  ∙ sharing calendars and contacts;   ∙ sending and accepting event invitations;
  ∙ global address book;   ∙ corporate file share;   ∙ Outlook Sync plugin.


Aurora offers a choice of authentication options:

* via IMAP (email account credentials)

* LDAP / Active Directory

* external services:
• Google
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Dropbox

* any custom authentication backend

With regard to external services, Aurora offers access to Google Drive and Dropbox file storage, and using special plugins for Google Drive and Dropbox integration respectively, it's possible to have those file storages as tabs in Files module.

Development platform

Aurora API allows for logging users in programmatically, and that can be done using single-sign on approach. Plus, it's possible to submit authentication details via POST or GET, which is especially handy in case of running Aurora and the other application on different systems.

Aurora offers the following APIs:

* PHP API you can use for integration purposes

* REST API allows for managing domains and users

* Web API for creating custom frontend interacting with Aurora backend

* JavaScript API lets you perform interface changes programmatically, e.g. add another user setting screen, modify menu layout, etc.

Aurora comes with a variety of plugins and we maintain plugins repository containing the code we developed ourselves, but there's also a separate community plugins repository which holds contributions submitted by Aurora users.

For Providers

If you give your customers free email accounts, Aurora is a reasonable solution to convert your free email services into a new revenue stream. We guarantee the complete free support for the lifetime of the partnership, keeping your customers on your servers.

This is what our business innovation about. We help you improve your Hosting business, making it stronger, and stick your subscribers to you.

Our goal is to make your business stronger. This is why we created a unique partnership strategy, where we don't take any money from you until your business actually works. Moreover, we help you with any roll-outs, for free.

Please contact us if interested.