MailSuite Pro documentation

Configuring DKIM

DKIM configuration is available in MailSuite Pro. You'll need to generate DKIM keys, one of the services which can do that for you is:

You will need to supply the keys in DNS records of your domain, and in Exim configuration file /opt/afterlogic/etc/exim.cnf:

DKIM_FILE                       = /opt/afterlogic/etc/ssl-certs/dk.key
DKIM_PRIVATE_KEY                = ${if exists{DKIM_FILE}{DKIM_FILE}{0}}
DKIM_DOMAIN = ${lc:${domain:$h_from:}}

    driver = smtp
    dkim_domain           = DKIM_DOMAIN
    dkim_selector         = mail
    dkim_private_key      = DKIM_PRIVATE_KEY
    user = afterlogic
    group = afterlogic
    interface =

Most of those lines are already there but they're commented out, be sure to uncomment those and specify selector and the proper external IP.