MailSuite Pro documentation

Configuring login page

By default, MailSuite Pro login screen offers two input fields for entering email address and password, and it's assumed that email address matches the account login on the mail server. Also, there's a "Remember me" checkbox which controls whether your session information is retained upon closing browser window/tab.

In version 7.1.1, a number of options for login page configuration were added. The options are found in data/settings/settings.xml file.

First of all, you can have login page contain username field, email field or both of those - by setting LoginFormType to Login, Email or Both, respectively.

But if your login form only has the username field, MailSuite Pro needs to know how to build the email address - and it does that using LoginAtDomainValue setting, so the email address is obtained by appending "@" and value of LoginAtDomainValue setting to username. Naturally, the domain will be displayed on login page right next to username field.

While some mailservers require full email address as login, others need just the username. Depending on how your server works, set UseLoginWithoutDomain to Off or On, respectively. The setting is be especially important in case if LoginFormType option is set to Login.

One more configuration option related to login handles "Remember me" checkbox. LoginSignMeType can be set to DefaultOn or DefaultOff, to define whether the checkbox is checked or unchecked by default. Supplying a special Unuse results in hiding the checkbox on login page.