MailSuite Pro documentation

Changing or removing "Learn more on .CSV file fields" link


If you choose Import option in Contacts screen, you'll see the following output:

And Learn more on .CSV file fields link points to page of this documentation which is a part of AfterLogic web site. You might want to modify the link so that it points to the documentation page somewhere on your web site, instead.

Detecting product version used

Method of handling the link was changed in version 7.3 of MailSuite Pro. So you need to determine which version you run, see this documentation page for details.

For v7.3 or newer

Add the following item to the array defined in config.php file:

'links.importing-contacts' => '';

You can replace URL with your own one. If you supply empty string, the link will not be displayed.

For v7.2 or older

Modify the following section of templates/views/Contacts/ContactsImportViewModel.html file:

<a class="link" href="" target="_blank">
	<span data-i18n="CONTACTS/LINK_LEARN_MORE" data-bind="i18n: 'text'"></span>

You can replace that link with anything else, or just comment it out in standard HTML way:

<!-- <a class="link" href="" target="_blank">
	<span data-i18n="CONTACTS/LINK_LEARN_MORE" data-bind="i18n: 'text'"></span>
</a> -->

To apply changes, be sure to clear WebMail cache.

Note that aside from describing CSV file syntax, that documentation page offers sample CSV file, so if you provide your custom documentation page you might want to grab that file, too.