MailSuite Pro documentation

Getting started

You can adjust the look-n-feel of MailSuite Pro to do some branding, extend its functionality or integrate it with your existing applications in a number of ways.

First, template-based engine of MailSuite Pro makes it possible to change colors, layout, add logo or otherwise adjust the application's look without altering the core code. This not only simplifies things but also makes your custom changes survive updates to future versions of the product.

Then, you can develop plugins which let you change how the application works, such as add buttons, screens, or insert hooks to intercept the actions the application performs. For instance:

* Insert a button in the toolbar or link in the top menu.

* Add a screen in Settings.

* Update a user's account with your specific data during logging that user in.

* Use hooks to track some activities of users - when they log in, open or delete e-mails, and so on.

Again, making a plugin lets you make changes which won't be lost during updates to future versions. If you wish, you can submit your plugin to us to get it included into the repository.

Also, you can control MailSuite Pro from another application on your server, with a rich PHP API. You can programmatically log a user in (bypassing the standard login screen), access any data structures (e.g. list, create, update, delete domains, users and their data), or embed MailSuite Pro as IFRAME to put it into your layout.

Please note that many things can also be configured with already available settings in config files or with existing plugins, without any programming. See Configuring WebMail via settings.xml file, Advanced configuration via config.php file, Plugins Repository for more information.

Anyway, the main idea of integration and customization facilities in MailSuite Pro is to provide means to make adjustments and development around the product an easy process which you don't need to repeat once again when installing every new build of the application. This protects your investments in that process and reduces maintenance efforts over time but still lets you keep MailSuite Pro up-to-date.