MailSuite Pro documentation

Improving and adding translations

MailSuite Pro is available in over 20 languages, and these language files were submitted by our customers. With new versions of the product released, new text constants are added so language files require improving.

If you're willing to update a particular translation, please find .ini file for that language in i18n directory.

Make sure the text editor you use supports UTF-8 because all text in MailSuite Pro language files is in UTF-8 charset. It's very important to use a text editor in UTF-8 mode because otherwise some characters might be displayed incorrectly for those users which have another language set as default system language. Also, make sure the editor does not add byte order mark at the beginning of the file.

And if you choose to add a translation, just create a file in i18n directory so that it's called how the language itself is called in English, with .ini extension. After translating you can send us this file and we will include it in the next release. Or you can embed the translation yourself using the following instructions:

1. To ensure the specific language is used in texts with dates and times, open libraries/afterlogic/common/utils.php file, locate ConvertLanguageNameToShort function (line ~1415), and in that function, add the line of the following kind to the array:

'langname' => 'ln',


* langname – name of language in English in small letters

* ln – two letter language code

2. To use native language name in the settings, open libraries/afterlogic/common/config.php file and locate langs.names setting in it, add the line to the array:

'Langname' => 'native_langname',


* Langname – name of language in English with the first capital letter

* native_langname – native language name

3. To define plurals for the particular language, open static/app.js file, and in Utils.getPlural function, add the rule defining plurals. Usually we use this site to locate the rule for specific language.

To apply these changes, disable use of minified app.js file in settings – add the item to array defined in data/settings/config.php file:

'labs.use-app-min-js' => false,

4. You will need to clear WebMail cache to have the changes applied in the product.

We'd be very grateful to you if you provide us with the translation to include it to the original WebMail package along with other translations provided by our customers.