MailSuite Pro documentation

Emails are not sorted correctly

By default, WebMail displays list of messages in its natural order, the way messages are returned by IMAP server. It allows for speeding up the process of loading message list.

In some cases, however, you might need to have mails sorted forcibly. Typical case is when mails were moved between folders, which affects sorting.

To make sure the mails are always sorted in the right order, the following conditions must be met:

* In data/settings/settings.xml file, UseSortImapForDateMode must be set to On;

* message threading must be disabled as it conflicts with sorting, uncheck "Use mail threading if supported by the server" in account settings;

* mailserver must support IMAP SORT extension.

There is also another setting which is somewhat related to message sorting. By default, WebMail shows the date information as it's reported by IMAP server. If you'd like to have it obtained from message headers, add the following item to array defined in data/settings/config.php file:

'labs.use-date-from-headers' => true,