WebMail Lite 8 Documentation

Authentication via LDAP in Active Directory


The module allows users to authenticate in Active Directory by supplying their username and password.

Please bear in mind that this is rather basic implementation of LDAP authentication mechanism, it assumes the same pair of credentials is used for authentication on LDAP and IMAP backends. If you require more sophisticated logic, you can either modify the module or request customization from our team.


If you have installed WebMail Lite 8 from Git, you can follow the instructions for adding a module. If you've installed the product from ZIP, there's a simple approach available.

  • Navigate to module page at https://github.com/afterlogic/aurora-module-ldap-auth
  • Click "Clone or download" button to obtain ZIP archive of the module
  • under modules directory of WebMail Lite 8 installation, create LdapAuth subdirectory
  • extract contents of aurora-module-ldap-auth-master directory of ZIP archive into subdirectory you've created
  • log into your WebMail Lite 8 installation, to make sure the module and its settings are initialized


After installing the module, you should find its configuration file at data/settings/modules/LdapAuth.config.json:

    "Disabled": [
    "UsersDn": [
    "Host": [
    "Port": [
    "BindDn": [
    "BindPassword": [
    "LoginField": [
    "EmailField": [

Of course, you will need to adjust those settings according to your LDAP server setup.

To make sure "Change Password" button is displayed, set Disabled to false in data/settings/modules/ChangePasswordWebclient.config.json configuration file.