WebMail Lite 7 documentation

Upgrading to WebMail Pro

WebMail Lite is a free open-source application mainly designed for personal use.

If you are looking for a more powerful application which also offers:
• Calendar
• Files storage
• Mobile-friendly interface
• Syncing with mobile devices and other apps
• Multiple accounts per user
• Branding (with your logo)
• Managing domains and users via adminpanel
• Guaranteed commercial-grade support
• Permission to modify the product's source code without being bound by AGPL license terms
- we recommend upgrading to WebMail Pro.

WebMail Pro is a commercial application. You can download it for full-featured 30-day trial, to make sure it meets your requirements. You will need to purchase a license to keep using it once the trial period runs out.

Upgrading from WebMail Lite to Pro is done in a similar way to upgrading older version of WebMail Pro to the latest one as described here.

Upgrading is only available for users of WebMail Lite 7.0 or newer,
so make sure you're running a compatible version.

Perform the upgrade with caution. Be sure to backup your installation completely.

1. Move your WebMail Lite installation, including the data directory, to a backup location. Back up WebMail database as well.

2. Download WebMail Pro package and extract its content to your WebMail installation location. You will receive a trial key while downloading the package.

3. Restore content of data/settings directory from backup, it should hold settings.xml and config.php files. If you had any plugins installed, you need to copy them from backup to data/plugins directory. Also, restore data/salt.php file if it was there in the original installation.

4. Navigate to WebMail Pro Admin Panel: http://yourdomain.com/webmail/adminpanel

5. You will need to supply a license key to use WebMail Pro. If you have a permanent key, please supply it - otherwise, specify trial key you've received when downloading WebMail Pro package, or purchase a permanent license key.

6. WebMail Pro should get the settings from WebMail Lite setup. You need to update WebMail Pro database format by clicking "Update Tables" button in Database Settings screen.

7. If you upgrade from WebMail Lite version v7.6.5 or older, global address book will be enabled for your domains. If you wish to turn it off, check Configuring global address book documentation page.

8. If you upgrade from WebMail Lite v7.6.10 or older, you will need to reset AdminPanel password.

9. Once logged into WebMail Pro, don't forget to press Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+R to update web browser cache to avoid JavaScript errors. Also, it's strongly recommended to remove all the file and subdirectories under data/cache/ directory.