This class provides a parameter list via the associated container.


For example, let's say an event has several properties: BEGIN:VEVENT SUMMARY:My Event DTSTART;TZID=MST:20100703T080000 DTEND;TZID=MST:20100703T090000 END:VEVENT When we process this event, we get an object model similar to this: Event -> Properties -> CalendarProperty -> Name: SUMMARY -> Value: My Event -> CalendarProperty -> Name: DTSTART -> Value -> Type: iCalDateTime -> Value: 20100703T080000 -> Parameters -> CalendarParameter: TZID=MST -> CalendarProperty -> Name: DTEND -> Value -> Type: iCalDateTime -> Value: 20100703T090000 -> Parameters -> CalendarParameter: TZID=MST
The problem with this is that, in order to serialize the value of DTSTART and DTEND properly, they need to be aware of the TZID parameters that were attached to the event properties. This is very important when the parameter itself hints at different types of serialization. Some examples are: ENCODING=BASE64 VALUE=DATE That is why the AssociatedCalendarParameterList was created. This class associates a CalendarDataType-based property value with the property itself, so it can be serialized correctly.

Namespace: iCal
Assembly: ICalVCard (in ICalVCard.dll) Version: (


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