The IGetOccurrences type exposes the following members.


Public methodClearEvaluation
Clears a previous evaluation, usually because one of the key elements used for evaluation has changed (Start, End, Duration, recurrence rules, exceptions, etc.).
Public methodGetOccurrences(DateTime)
Public methodGetOccurrences(IDateTime)
Returns all occurrences of this component that start on the date provided. All components starting between 12:00:00AM and 11:59:59 PM will be returned.
Note Note This will first Evaluate() the date range required in order to determine the occurrences for the date provided, and then return the occurrences.
Public methodGetOccurrences(DateTime, DateTime)
Public methodGetOccurrences(IDateTime, IDateTime)
Returns all occurrences of this component that start within the date range provided. All components occurring between startTime and endTime will be returned.

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