The IAttachment type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAssociatedObject (Inherited from ICalendarDataType.)
Public propertyCalendar (Inherited from ICalendarDataType.)
Public propertyData
A binary representation of the data that was loaded.
Public propertyEncoding (Inherited from IEncodableDataType.)
Public propertyFormatType
To specify the content type of a referenced object. This optional value should be an IANA-registered MIME type, if specified.
Public propertyLanguage (Inherited from ICalendarDataType.)
Public propertyParameters (Inherited from ICalendarParameterListContainer.)
Public propertyUri
The URI where the attachment information can be located.
Public propertyValue
A unicode-encoded version of the data that was loaded.
Public propertyValueEncoding
Gets/sets the encoding used to store the value.

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