The iCalTimeZoneInfo type exposes the following members.


Public propertyCalendar
Returns the iCalendar that this ICalendarObject belongs to.
(Inherited from CalendarObject.)
Public propertyChildren
A collection of ICalendarObjects that are children of the current object.
(Inherited from CalendarObject.)
Public propertyColumn (Inherited from CalendarObject.)
Public propertyDTStart
Public propertyExceptionDates
Public propertyExceptionRules
Public propertyiCalendar (Inherited from CalendarObject.)
Public propertyIsLoaded (Inherited from CalendarObjectBase.)
Public propertyKey (Inherited from CalendarObject.)
Public propertyLine (Inherited from CalendarObject.)
Public propertyName
Gets or sets the name of the ICalendarObject. For iCalendar components, this is the RFC 5545 name of the component.


  • Event - "VEVENT"
  • Todo - "VTODO"
  • TimeZone - "VTIMEZONE"
  • etc.
(Inherited from CalendarObject.)
Public propertyOffsetFrom
Public propertyOffsetTo
Public propertyParent
Returns the parent ICalendarObject that owns this one.
(Inherited from CalendarObject.)
Public propertyProperties
Returns a list of properties that are associated with the iCalendar object.
(Inherited from CalendarComponent.)
Public propertyRecurrenceDates
Public propertyRecurrenceID
Public propertyRecurrenceRules
Public propertyStart
Public propertyTimeZoneName
Returns the name of the current Time Zone.


The following are examples:
  • EST
  • EDT
  • MST
  • MDT
Public propertyTimeZoneNames
Public propertyTZID
Public propertyTZOffsetFrom
Public propertyTZOffsetTo

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