The CalendarMethods type exposes the following members.


Public methodCalendarMethods
Initializes a new instance of the CalendarMethods class


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Public fieldStatic memberAdd
Add one or more new instances to an existing recurring iCalendar object.
Public fieldStatic memberCancel
Cancel one or more instances of an existing iCalendar object.
Public fieldStatic memberCounter
Used by an Attendee to negotiate a change in an iCalendar object. Examples include the request to change a proposed event time or change the due date for a task.
Public fieldStatic memberDeclineCounter
Used by the Organizer to decline the proposed counter-proposal.
Public fieldStatic memberPublish
Used to publish an iCalendar object to one or more "Calendar Users". There is no interactivity between the publisher and any other "Calendar User". An example might include a baseball team publishing its schedule to the public.
Public fieldStatic memberRefresh
Used by an Attendee to request the latest version of an iCalendar object.
Public fieldStatic memberReply
A reply is used in response to a request to convey Attendee status to the Organizer. Replies are commonly used to respond to meeting and task requests.
Public fieldStatic memberRequest
Used to schedule an iCalendar object with other "Calendar Users". Requests are interactive in that they require the receiver to respond using the reply methods. Meeting requests, busy-time requests, and the assignment of tasks to other "Calendar Users" are all examples. Requests are also used by the Organizer to update the status of an iCalendar object.

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