This class works similar to the CalendarPropertyCompositeList class, but works with parameters instead of properties. It consolidates parameters of a given name into a list, and allows you to work with those values directly against the parameters themselves. This preserves the notion that our values are still stored directly within the calendar parameter, but gives us the flexibility to work with multiple parameters through a single (composite) list.

Namespace: iCal
Assembly: ICalVCard (in ICalVCard.dll) Version: (


public class CalendarParameterCompositeList : ICalendarParameterCompositeList, 
	IList<string>, ICollection<string>, IEnumerable<string>, 
Visual Basic
Public Class CalendarParameterCompositeList _
	Implements ICalendarParameterCompositeList, IList(Of String),  _
	ICollection(Of String), IEnumerable(Of String), IEnumerable
Visual C++
public ref class CalendarParameterCompositeList : ICalendarParameterCompositeList, 
	IList<String^>, ICollection<String^>, IEnumerable<String^>, 

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