The ITodo type exposes the following members.


Public methodAddChild
Adds a child object to the current object.
(Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public methodClearEvaluation
Clears a previous evaluation, usually because one of the key elements used for evaluation has changed (Start, End, Duration, recurrence rules, exceptions, etc.).
(Inherited from IGetOccurrences.)
Public methodCopy<(Of <<'(T>)>>)
Returns a copy of the current object, including all relevent fields/properties, resulting in a semantically equivalent copy of the object. (which consequently passes an object.Equals(obj1, obj2) test).
(Inherited from ICopyable.)
Public methodCopyFrom
Copies all relevant fields/properties from the target object to the current one.
(Inherited from ICopyable.)
Public methodGetOccurrences(DateTime) (Inherited from IGetOccurrences.)
Public methodGetOccurrences(IDateTime)
Returns all occurrences of this component that start on the date provided. All components starting between 12:00:00AM and 11:59:59 PM will be returned.
Note Note This will first Evaluate() the date range required in order to determine the occurrences for the date provided, and then return the occurrences.
(Inherited from IGetOccurrences.)
Public methodGetOccurrences(DateTime, DateTime) (Inherited from IGetOccurrences.)
Public methodGetOccurrences(IDateTime, IDateTime)
Returns all occurrences of this component that start within the date range provided. All components occurring between startTime and endTime will be returned.
(Inherited from IGetOccurrences.)
Public methodGetService(String) (Inherited from IServiceProvider.)
Public methodGetService(Type)
Gets the service object of the specified type.
(Inherited from IServiceProvider.)
Public methodGetService<(Of <<'(T>)>>)()()()() (Inherited from IServiceProvider.)
Public methodGetService<(Of <<'(T>)>>)(String) (Inherited from IServiceProvider.)
Public methodIsActive
Returns 'True' if the todo item is Active as of currDt. An item is Active if it requires action of some sort.
Public methodIsCancelled
Returns True if the todo item was cancelled.
Public methodIsCompleted
Use this method to determine if a todo item has been completed. This takes into account recurrence items and the previous date of completion, if any.
Note Note This method evaluates the recurrence pattern for this TODO as necessary to ensure all relevant information is taken into account to give the most accurate result possible.
Public methodOnLoaded
Fires the Loaded event.
(Inherited from ILoadable.)
Public methodPollAlarms (Inherited from IAlarmContainer.)
Public methodRemoveChild
Removes a child object from the current object.
(Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public methodRemoveService(String) (Inherited from IServiceProvider.)
Public methodRemoveService(Type) (Inherited from IServiceProvider.)
Public methodSetService(Object) (Inherited from IServiceProvider.)
Public methodSetService(String, Object) (Inherited from IServiceProvider.)


Public propertyAlarms
A list of Alarms for this recurring component.
(Inherited from IAlarmContainer.)
Public propertyAttachments (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyAttendees (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyCalendar
Returns the iCalendar that this object is associated with.
(Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public propertyCategories (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyChildren
Returns a list of children of this object.
(Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public propertyClass (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyColumn
Returns the column number where this calendar object was found during parsing.
(Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public propertyComments (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyCompleted
The date/time the todo was completed.
Public propertyContacts (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyCreated (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyDescription (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyDTStamp (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyDTStart Obsolete. (Inherited from IRecurrable.)
Public propertyDue
The due date of the todo item.
Public propertyDuration
The duration of the todo item.
Public propertyExceptionDates (Inherited from IRecurrable.)
Public propertyExceptionRules (Inherited from IRecurrable.)
Public propertyGeographicLocation
The geographic location (lat/long) of the todo item.
Public propertyiCalendar (Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public propertyIsLoaded
Gets whether or not the object has been loaded.
(Inherited from ILoadable.)
Public propertyKey (Inherited from IKeyedObject<(Of <(<'T>)>)>.)
Public propertyLastModified (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyLine
Returns the line number where this calendar object was found during parsing.
(Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public propertyLocation
The location of the todo item.
Public propertyName
The name of the calendar object. Every calendar object can be assigned a name.
(Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public propertyOrganizer (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyParent
Returns the parent of this object.
(Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public propertyPercentComplete
A number between 0 and 100 that represents the percentage of completion of this item.
Public propertyPriority (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyProperties (Inherited from ICalendarPropertyListContainer.)
Public propertyRecurrenceDates (Inherited from IRecurrable.)
Public propertyRecurrenceID (Inherited from IRecurrable.)
Public propertyRecurrenceRules (Inherited from IRecurrable.)
Public propertyRelatedComponents (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyRequestStatuses (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyResources
A list of resources associated with this todo item.
Public propertySequence (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyStart
Gets/sets the start date/time of the component.
(Inherited from IRecurrable.)
Public propertyStatus
The current status of the todo item.
Public propertySummary (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyUID (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)
Public propertyUrl (Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)


Public eventChildAdded (Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public eventChildRemoved (Inherited from ICalendarObject.)
Public eventLoaded
An event that fires when the object has been loaded.
(Inherited from ILoadable.)
Public eventUIDChanged
Fires when the UID of the component has changed.
(Inherited from IUniqueComponent.)

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