The iCalDateTime type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAssociatedObject (Overrides CalendarDataType..::..AssociatedObject.)
Public propertyCalendar (Inherited from CalendarDataType.)
Public propertyDate
Public propertyDay
Public propertyDayOfWeek
Public propertyDayOfYear
Public propertyEncoding (Inherited from EncodableDataType.)
Public propertyHasDate
Public propertyHasTime
Public propertyHour
Public propertyIsUniversalTime
Public propertyLanguage (Inherited from CalendarDataType.)
Public propertyLocal
Converts the date/time to this computer's local date/time.
Public propertyMillisecond
Public propertyMinute
Public propertyMonth
Public propertyStatic memberNow
Public propertyParameters (Inherited from CalendarDataType.)
Public propertySecond
Public propertyTicks
Public propertyTimeOfDay
Public propertyTimeZoneName
Public propertyTimeZoneObservance
Gets the iCalTimeZoneInfo object for the time zone set by TZID.
Public propertyStatic memberToday
Public propertyTZID
Public propertyUTC
Converts the date/time to UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
Public propertyValue
Public propertyYear

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