MailBee.AddressCheck Namespace

MailBee.AddressCheck namespace enables applications to verify bulks of e-mail addresses for syntax (using regular expressions) and existence (with DNX MX lookup queries, test SMTP connections, and send attempts). Supports multi-threading.

Validating multiple addresses at once is only supported in classic .NET Framework and .NET Core 2.0. With .NET Core 1.0/1.1 and UWP, only single addresses can be validated at a time.

Public classCode exampleEmailAddressValidator
Provides means for bulk verification of e-mail addresses.
Public classVerifiedEventArgs
Contains the event data for Verified event.
Public classVerifyingEventArgs
Contains the event data for Verifying event.
Public delegateVerifiedEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle Verified event.
Public delegateVerifyingEventHandler
Represents the method that will handle Verifying event.
Public enumerationAddressValidationLevel
Defines levels of e-mail address verification.