MailBee.BounceMail Namespace

MailBee.BounceMail namespace provides classes and enumerations which can be used to process bounce e-mails, delivery confirmations and any other Delivery Status Notification (DSN) messages.

BounceMail feature is only supported in classic .NET Framework and .NET Standard 2.0 compatible environments (.NET Core 2.0 and newer, UWP for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and newer) . It's not available for .NET Core 1.0/1.1 and older UWP versions.

DSN messages come in different formats and may contain information about the status of delivery of certain e-mail sent in the past (the original message) to certain recipients of that e-mail. MailBee can extract this information and present it to you in easy-to-use object model form.

Typical usage is to download e-mails from a mailbox using Pop3 or Imap component and then examine these e-mails using DeliveryStatusParser.Process method to find delivery or non-delivery reports.

Result object returned by DeliveryStatusParser.Process method contains all the DSN-related information extracted from the e-mail message. In particular, Result.Recipients collection returns the delivery statuses for all recipients listed in the DSN message.

Public classCode exampleDeliveryStatusParser
Provides a method for examining e-mail messages for delivery or non-delivery notifications.
Public classCode exampleDsnAttachment
Represents a Delivery Status Notification attachment in RFC 1894 format.
Public classCode exampleDsnRecipient
Contains the delivery status and other details for a single recipient listed in the DSN attachment.
Public classDsnRecipientCollection
Represents a collection of delivery status information objects for all recipients listed in the DSN attachment.
Public classCode exampleRecipientStatus
Represents the delivery results for a particular recipient's e-mail address.
Public classRecipientStatusCollection
Represents a collection of delivery status information objects for all recipients listed in the DSN message.
Public classCode exampleResult
Represents the result checking an e-mail message for delivery status notification (DSN) entries.
Public enumerationCommonType
Defines the general types of delivery statuses in delivery notification messages.
Public enumerationDetailedType
Defines the extended types of delivery notification messages.
Public enumerationDsnAction
Defines actions which have been performed by the Reporting-MTA as a result of its attempt to deliver the message to the recipient.
Public enumerationRecipientStatusSource
Defines from which parts of the DSN message MailBee should load RecipientStatus object.