MailBee.DnsMX Namespace

MailBee.DnsMX namespace contains classes, interfaces and enumerations related to performing DNS MX lookup queries (and other sorts of special queries like DNS TXT for DomainKeys, reverse DNS, RBL-specific A queries for spam filtering purposes). For instance, MailBee.SmtpMail.Smtp class can take advantage of DNS MX lookup functions to send e-mails directly to mail servers of end recipients (without an SMTP relay server) and provides means to get DNS records of different types for any domain.

MailBee supports caching DNS records which greatly improves DNS MX lookup performance.

MailBee.DnsMX namespace, however, contains no classes which can be used on their own. All application-level methods reside in Smtp class.

Public classDnsCache
Provides properties and methods which allow the developer to control whether and how MailBee will cache DNS MX (and some other) records when performing DNS MX lookup and TXT queries.
Public classDnsServer
Represents a DNS server to be queried about domain names of the Internet hosts.
Public classDnsServerCollection
Represents a sorted collection of DnsServer objects.
Public classMailBeeDnsLackOfRecursionException
The exception that is thrown if the DNS server returned no records of A type for the given host name.
Public classMailBeeDnsNameErrorException
The exception that is thrown when the DNS server cannot find the queried domain name in the domains database.
Public classMailBeeDnsProtocolException
The exception that is thrown when either MailBee or a DNS server encounter DNS protocol error.
Public classMailBeeDnsProtocolNegativeResponseException
The exception that is thrown when the DNS server replied with non-successful (non-zero) response code.
Public classMailBeeDnsQueryMismatchException
The exception that is thrown when the response got from the DNS server does not match the original query to the DNS server.
Public classMailBeeDnsServerDisabledException
The exception that is thrown when there was an attempt to connect to the DNS server banned by MailBee because this server is down.
Public classMailBeeInvalidBinaryResponseException
The exception that is thrown when the binary response from the server cannot be parsed.
Public interfaceIMailBeeNegativeDnsResponseException
Defines properties which provide additional information regarding the negative response from the DNS server.
Public enumerationCode exampleDnsAutodetectOptions
Provides options for selecting methods of automatic detection of the DNS servers registered in the system.
Public enumerationDnsReplyCode
Lists DNS server known reply codes.