Logger Properties

The Logger type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDateTimeFormatFull
Gets or sets the format of full datetime string.
Public propertyDateTimeFormatTimeOnly
Gets or sets the format of time-only string.
Public propertyDisableOnException
Gets or sets whether the logging should be automatically disabled instead of throwing exception when logging error occurs.
Public propertyEnabled
Gets or sets whether the logging into a file or memory buffer is enabled.
Public propertyFileEncoding
Gets or sets Encoding to be used when writing into the log file.
Public propertyFilename
Gets or sets the log file name.
Public propertyFormat
Gets or sets flags which specify formatting of log entries placed into the log.
Public propertyHidePasswords
Gets or sets whether the actual password data may appear in the log or not.
Public propertyKeepLogFileOpen
Gets or sets whether the log file must be kept open during MailBee session.
Public propertyLogDnsQueryBody
Gets or sets whether DNS MX lookup query binary data must be added into the log.
Public propertyMaxSize
Gets or sets the maximum allowed length (in characters) of the file or memory log.
Public propertyMemoryLog
Gets or sets whether the logging must be performed into a log file or into a memory buffer.
Public propertyOldFilename
Gets or sets the name of a backup file the log must be renamed into when its size exceeds the maximum allowed limit.
Public propertySyncRoot
Gets or sets the object to be used for synchronized access to the log file.
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