MailMessageConvertToSystemNetMail Method
Exports the message to System.Net.Mail.MailMessage object.

Namespace: MailBee.Mime
Assembly: MailBee.NET (in MailBee.NET.dll) Version: 12.4 build 677 for .NET 4.5
public MailMessage ConvertToSystemNetMail()

Return Value

Type: MailMessage
A System.Net.Mail.MailMessage object representing the current mail message.
ArgumentExceptionSystem.Net.Mail.MailMessage object has failed to parse some fields of the mail message. This exception is thrown by System.Net.Mail.MailMessage object, not by MailBee.
The conversion may fail in case of unusual header values (such as X400 e-mail addresses) because System.Net.Mail.MailMessage class does not support them. You can read such a mail message with MailBee but not with System.Net.Mail.MailMessage. Thus, if your mail message contains elements which are not supported by System.Net.Mail.MailMessage, you should remove or correct them prior to calling this method.
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