MailBee.Pdf Namespace

MailBee.Pdf namespace provides HtmlToPdf class which lets you perform HTML to PDF conversion. PDF functionality resides in separate DLLs. If you're using Nuget, you'll also need to install MailBee.NET.PDF package (it installs MailBee.NET.PDF.dll, HtmlAgilityPack and iTextSharp LGPL 4.1.6).

PDF feature is only supported in classic .NET Framework. It's not available in .NET Core and UWP.

Public classCode exampleHtmlToPdf
Provides methods and properties for HTML to PDF conversion.
Public delegateConvertXmlNodeToPdfDelegate
Defines the delegate for fine-tuning of HTML to PDF conversion.
Public delegateProcessImagePathDelegate
Defines the delegate for processing of absent images or images with incorrect path.
Public enumerationCode examplePdfSourceType
Defines the available values for HtmlToPdf.SourceType property to specify the type of source data for conversion to PDF document.