Smime Properties

The Smime type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCode exampleEncryptionAlgorithm
Gets or sets the algorithm to use for encrypting messages.
Public propertyCode exampleHashAlgorithm
Gets or sets the hash algorithm to use for signing messages with a digital signature.
Public propertyLastResult
Gets a numeric code of the last error.
Public propertyCode exampleProvider
Gets or sets the CSP to be used for cryptographic operations.
Public propertySetEnvelopedCmsOnDecrypt
Gets or sets if Decrypt(MailMessage) or DecryptAndVerify(MailMessage, MessageVerificationFlags) methods should also populate EnvelopedCmsResult property.
Public propertySetSignedCmsOnVerify
Public propertyThrowExceptions
Gets or sets whether the object will throw exceptions on errors.
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