SmtpMessageRecipientSubmittedEventArgs Properties
SmtpMessageRecipientSubmittedEventArgs Properties

The SmtpMessageRecipientSubmittedEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAllowRefusedRecipient
Gets or sets whether to proceed with sending this message if the server rejected the given recipient.
Public propertyMailMessage
Gets the mail message which is being sent.
Public propertyRecipientEmail
Gets the e-mail address of the recipient of the mail message.
Public propertyResult
Gets the status of submission of the recipient e-mail address to the SMTP server.
Public propertyServerStatusMessage
Gets the string containing the status line of the SMTP server response.
Public propertyState
Gets a reference to the object which was supplied by the developer in state parameter of asynchronous methods of the mailer components.
(Inherited from CommonEventArgs.)
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