MailBee.Tnef Namespace

MailBee.Tnef namespace contains TnefParser class which lets you parse winmail.dat files in MS-TNEF format, and defines exceptions specific to MS-TNEF functionality. Winmail.dat files are usually created by MS Office Outlook and MS Exchange.

Methods which extract data from MS-TNEF attachments of e-mail messages are defined in MailBee.Mime.Attachment class (such as GetAttachmentsFromTnef method).

Public classMailBeeTnefException
An abstract parent for all exceptions which can be thrown during parsing an MS-TNEF file.
Public classMailBeeTnefNotFoundException
The exception that is thrown on an attempt to parse a file which is not MS-TNEF.
Public classMailBeeTnefParsingException
The exception that is thrown when the MS-TNEF parsing error occurs.
Public classCode exampleTnefParser
Provides methods to parse winmail.dat (MS-TNEF) files.