Provides a set of classes to create and parse items in vCard format.


Public classvCard
A vCard object for exchanging personal contact information.
Public classvCardCertificate
A certificate attached to a vCard.
Public classvCardCertificateCollection
A collection of vCardCertificate objects.
Public classvCardCollection
A generic collection of vCard objects.
Public classvCardDeliveryAddress
A postal address.
Public classvCardDeliveryAddressCollection
A collection of vCardDeliveryAddress objects.
Public classvCardDeliveryLabel
A formatted delivery label.
Public classvCardDeliveryLabelCollection
A collection of vCardDeliveryLabel objects.
Public classvCardEmailAddress
An email address in a vCard.
Public classvCardEmailAddressCollection
A collection of vCardEmailAddress objects.
Public classvCardException
Base class for vCard-specific exceptions.
Public classvCardNote
A note or comment in a vCard.
Public classvCardNoteCollection
A collection of vCardNote objects.
Public classvCardPhone
Telephone information for a vCard.
Public classvCardPhoneCollection
A generic collection vCardPhone objects.
Public classvCardPhoto
A photo embedded in a vCard.
Public classvCardPhotoCollection
A collection of vCardPhoto objects.
Public classvCardProperty
A property of a vCard.
Public classvCardPropertyCollection
A generic collection of vCardProperty objects.
Public classvCardReader
An abstract reader for vCard and vCard-like file formats.
Public classvCardSource
A source of directory information for a vCard.
Public classvCardSourceCollection
A collection of vCardSource objects.
Public classvCardStandardReader
Reads a vCard written in the standard 2.0 or 3.0 text formats. This is the primary (standard) vCard format used by most applications.
Public classvCardStandardWriter
Implements the standard vCard 2.1 and 3.0 text formats.
Public classvCardSubproperty
A subproperty of a vCard property.
Public classvCardSubpropertyCollection
A collection of vCardSubproperty objects.
Public classvCardValueCollection
A collection of string values.
Public classvCardWebsite
A web site defined in a vCard.
Public classvCardWebsiteCollection
A collection of vCardWebsite objects.
Public classvCardWriter
Base class for vCard generators.


Public enumerationvCardAccessClassification
The access classification of a vCard.
Public enumerationvCardDeliveryAddressTypes
The type of a delivery address.
Public enumerationvCardEmailAddressType
Identifies the type of email address in a vCard.
Public enumerationvCardEncoding
The encoding used to store a vCard property value in text format.
Public enumerationvCardFormat
Identifies different vCard formats.
Public enumerationvCardGender
The gender (male or female) of the contact.
Public enumerationvCardPhoneTypes
Identifies different phone types (e.g. Fax, BBS, etc).
Public enumerationvCardPhoto..::..PhotoImageFormat
Public enumerationvCardStandardWriterOptions
Extended options for the vCardStandardWriter class.
Public enumerationvCardWebsiteTypes
The type or classification of a web site.