A collection of vCardSubproperty objects.

Namespace: vCards
Assembly: ICalVCard (in ICalVCard.dll) Version: (


public class vCardSubpropertyCollection : Collection<vCardSubproperty>
Visual Basic
Public Class vCardSubpropertyCollection _
	Inherits Collection(Of vCardSubproperty)
Visual C++
public ref class vCardSubpropertyCollection : public Collection<vCardSubproperty^>


This class is a general-purpose collection of vCardSubproperty objects.

A property of a vCard contains a piece of contact information, such as an email address or web site. A subproperty indicates options or attributes of the property, such as the type of email address or character set.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  System.Collections.ObjectModel..::..Collection<(Of <(<'vCardSubproperty>)>)>

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