The vCardStandardReader type exposes the following members.


Public methodvCardStandardReader
Initializes a new instance of the vCardStandardReader.


Public methodStatic memberDecodeBase64(array<Char>[]()[][])
Converts BASE64 data that has been stored in a character array.
Public methodStatic memberDecodeBase64(String)
Decodes a string containing BASE64 characters.
Public methodStatic memberDecodeEmailAddressType
Parses the name of an email address type.
Public methodStatic memberDecodeEscaped
Decodes a string that has been encoded with the standard vCard escape codes.
Public methodStatic memberDecodeHexadecimal
Converts a single hexadecimal character to its integer value.
Public methodStatic memberDecodeQuotedPrintable
Decodes a string that has been encoded in QUOTED-PRINTABLE format.
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Determines whether the specified Object is equal to the current Object.
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Protected methodFinalize
Allows an Object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before the Object is reclaimed by garbage collection.
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Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
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Gets the Type of the current instance.
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Public methodStatic memberIsHexDigit
Indicates whether the specified character is a hexadecimal digit.
Protected methodMemberwiseClone
Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
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Public methodStatic memberParseDate
Parses a string containing a date/time value.
Public methodStatic memberParseDeliveryAddressType(String)
Parses the type of postal address.
Public methodStatic memberParseDeliveryAddressType(array<String>[]()[][])
Parses a string array containing one or more postal address types.
Public methodStatic memberParseEncoding
Parses an encoding name (such as "BASE64") and returns the corresponding vCardEncoding value.
Public methodStatic memberParsePhoneType(String)
Parses the name of a phone type and returns the corresponding vCardPhoneTypes value.
Public methodStatic memberParsePhoneType(array<String>[]()[][])
Decodes the bitmapped phone type given an array of phone type names.
Public methodRead
Reads a vCard from the specified input stream.
(Inherited from vCardReader.)
Public methodReadInto(vCard, TextReader)
Reads a vCard (VCF) file from an input stream.
(Overrides vCardReader..::..ReadInto(vCard, TextReader).)
Public methodReadInto(vCard, vCardProperty)
Updates a vCard object based on the contents of a vCardProperty.
Public methodReadProperty(TextReader)
Reads a property from a text reader.
Public methodReadProperty(String)
Reads a property from a string.
Public methodToString
Returns a String that represents the current Object.
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Public propertyWarnings
A collection of warning messages.
(Inherited from vCardReader.)

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