The vCardPhone type exposes the following members.


Public methodvCardPhone()()()()
Creates a new vCardPhone object.
Public methodvCardPhone(String)
Creates a new vCardPhone object with the specified number.
Public methodvCardPhone(String, vCardPhoneTypes)
Creates a new vCardPhone with the specified number and subtype.


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Public propertyFullNumber
The full telephone number.
Public propertyIsBBS
Indicates a BBS number.
Public propertyIsCar
Indicates a car number.
Public propertyIsCellular
Indicates a cellular number.
Public propertyIsFax
Indicates a fax number.
Public propertyIsHome
Indicates a home number.
Public propertyIsISDN
Indicates an ISDN number.
Public propertyIsMessagingService
Indicates a messaging service number.
Public propertyIsModem
Indicates a modem number.
Public propertyIsPager
Indicates a pager number.
Public propertyIsPreferred
Indicates a preferred number.
Public propertyIsVideo
Indicates a video number.
Public propertyIsVoice
Indicates a voice number.
Public propertyIsWork
Indicates a work number.
Public propertyPhoneType
The phone subtype.

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