The vCardStandardWriter type exposes the following members.


Public methodvCardStandardWriter
Creates a new instance of the standard writer.


Public methodStatic memberEncodeBase64(Byte)
Converts a byte to a BASE64 string.
Public methodStatic memberEncodeBase64(array<Byte>[]()[][])
Converts a byte array to a BASE64 string.
Public methodStatic memberEncodeBase64(Int32)
Converts an integer to a BASE64 string.
Public methodEncodeEscaped(String)
Encodes a string using simple escape codes.
Public methodStatic memberEncodeEscaped(String, array<Char>[]()[][])
Encodes a character array using simple escape sequences.
Public methodEncodeProperty(vCardProperty)
Returns property encoded into a standard vCard NAME:VALUE format.
Public methodEncodeProperty(vCardProperty, String)
Public methodStatic memberEncodeQuotedPrintable
Converts a string to quoted-printable format.
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Public methodWrite(vCard, TextWriter, String)
Writes a vCard to an output text writer.
(Overrides vCardWriter..::..Write(vCard, TextWriter, String).)
Public methodWrite(vCard, String, String)
Writes the vCard to the specified filename.
(Inherited from vCardWriter.)
Public methodWrite(vCardPropertyCollection, TextWriter, String)
Writes a collection of vCard properties to an output text writer.


Public propertyEmbedInternetImages
Indicates whether images that reference Internet URLs should be embedded in the output. If not, then a URL is written instead.
Public propertyEmbedLocalImages
Indicates whether or not references to local images should be embedded in the vCard. If not, then a local file reference is written instead.
Public propertyOptions
Extended options for the vCard writer.
Public propertyProductId
The product ID to use when writing a vCard.
Public propertyWarnings
A collection of warning messages that were generated during the output of a vCard.
(Inherited from vCardWriter.)

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