Locates the first email address of the specified type while giving preference to email addresses marked as preferred.

Namespace: vCards
Assembly: ICalVCard (in ICalVCard.dll) Version: (


public vCardEmailAddress GetFirstChoice(
	vCardEmailAddressType emailType
Visual Basic
Public Function GetFirstChoice ( _
	emailType As vCardEmailAddressType _
) As vCardEmailAddress
Visual C++
vCardEmailAddress^ GetFirstChoice(
	vCardEmailAddressType emailType


Type: vCards..::..vCardEmailAddressType
The type of email address to locate. This can be any combination of values from vCardEmailAddressType.

Return Value

The function returns the first preferred email address that matches the specified type. If the collection does not contain a preferred email address, then it will return the first non-preferred matching email address. The function returns null if no matches were found.

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