Evaluates this item to determine the dates and times for which it occurs/recurs. This method only evaluates items which occur/recur between fromDate and toDate; therefore, if you require a list of items which occur outside of this range, you must specify a fromDate and toDate which encapsulate the date(s) of interest. This method evaluates using the startDate as the beginning point. For example, for a WEEKLY occurrence, the startDate determines the day of week that this item will recur on.
Note Note For events with very complex recurrence rules, this method may be a bottleneck during processing time, especially when this method is called for a large number of items, in sequence, or for a very large time span.

Namespace: iCal
Assembly: ICalVCard (in ICalVCard.dll) Version: (


IList<IPeriod> Evaluate(
	IDateTime referenceDate,
	DateTime periodStart,
	DateTime periodEnd,
	bool includeReferenceDateInResults
Visual Basic
Function Evaluate ( _
	referenceDate As IDateTime, _
	periodStart As DateTime, _
	periodEnd As DateTime, _
	includeReferenceDateInResults As Boolean _
) As IList(Of IPeriod)
Visual C++
IList<IPeriod^>^ Evaluate(
	IDateTime^ referenceDate, 
	DateTime periodStart, 
	DateTime periodEnd, 
	bool includeReferenceDateInResults


Type: iCal..::..IDateTime
Type: System..::..DateTime
Type: System..::..DateTime
Type: System..::..Boolean

Return Value

A list of DateTime objects for each date/time when this item occurs/recurs.

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