EmailAddressValidator Properties

The EmailAddressValidator type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDnsServers
Gets the DnsServerCollection object containing the list of DNS servers to be used for DNS MX lookup.
Public propertyHelloDomain
Gets or sets the domain string to use as an argument of HELO or EHLO commands when making test connections to SMTP MX servers.
Public propertyIsAborted
Indicates whether Abort method has been called for the component.
Public propertyIsBusy
Indicates whether the component is performing a lengthy operation.
Public propertyLocalEndPoint
Gets or sets the local end point which will be used when connecting to SMTP MX servers.
Public propertyCode exampleLog
Gets the object used for logging MailBee activities into a file or memory buffer.
Public propertyMailFrom
Gets or sets the string to be used as sender when making test connections to SMTP MX servers.
Public propertyMaxThreadCount
Gets or sets the maximum number of threads MailBee may create during bulk verification of e-mail addresses' operations.
Public propertyPipelining
Gets or sets whether to use commands pipelining if it's supported by the SMTP MX server.
Public propertyRaiseEvents
Gets or sets whether the component will raise any events.
Public propertyRegexPattern
Gets or sets the regular expression to check syntax of e-mail addresses.
Public propertySite
Gets or sets the object to be used as a site for the component.
Public propertySmtpTimeout
Gets or sets the amount of time (in milliseconds) the component will wait for a response from the SMTP MX server.
Public propertySynchronizingObject
Gets or sets the object used to marshal the calls of the event handlers.
Public propertyTrialDaysLeft
Gets the number of days left to the date of the trial license key expiration.
Public propertyValidationLevel
Gets or sets the level of deepness of e-mail address verification.
Public propertyVersion
Gets the version of the MailBee assembly.
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