MailBee.AntiSpam Namespace

MailBee.AntiSpam namespace provides BayesFilter class which allows applications to detect spam e-mails with self-learning Bayesian filter, and RblFilter class which implements DNS RBL functionality to check if specified IP addresses designate spam sources.

For DomainKeys and DKIM functionality (which is often used as a sort of anti-spam check), refer to MailBee.Security.DomainKeys class.

For reverse DNS functionality (which is also used as a sort of anti-spam check), refer to MailBee.SmtpMail.Smtp.GetPtrData method.

In UWP apps, use async methods. This platform has very limited sync I/O support.

Public classCode exampleBayesFilter
Provides properties and methods for checking e-mails messages for spam probability and learning the filter from proven spam and non-spam messages.
Public classCode exampleRblFilter
Provides methods to filter spam by checking e-mails and IP addresses against DNS RBL databases.
Public classCode exampleRblStatus
Represents a status of an IP address in a DNS RBL database.
Public classRblStatusCollection
Provides properties and methods for examining the collection of RblStatus objects.
Public delegateLockedDatabaseDelegate
Defines the signature (the parameters and the return value) of the application-defined method to be called when the Bayesian spam or non-spam database file appears to be locked.
Public enumerationBayesAlgorithm
Defines the available values for BayesFilter.Algorithm property to specify the algorithm which should be used to calculate spam score of e-mail messages.