MailBee.EwsMail Namespace

MailBee.EwsMail namespace provides a set of types which let you communicate with MS Exchange server via EWS (Exchange Web Services) protocol. Under the hood, this feature uses EWS Managed API library. EWS functionality resides in separate DLLs. In Nuget, you need to install MailBee.NET.EWS package to get the required libraries.

EWS support is only available in .NET Framework v3.5-4.8 and .NET Core 2.0+. In UWP, it requires Windows 10 Fall Creators Update as the minimum target for the project. Only sync methods are supported in .NET Framework and only async methods are supported in .NET Core and UWP.

Public classCode exampleEws
Provides properties and methods for working with e-mails on MS Exchange server via Exchange Web Services.
Public classEwsFolder
Represents a folder in Exchange account.
Public classEwsItem
Represents an item in MS Exchange folder (a mail message, contact, appointment, etc).
Public classEwsItemList
Represents a collection o EwsItem objects, with optional paging capability.
Public classMailBeeEwsException
The exception that is thrown when Managed EWS API layer throws an exception.
Public enumerationEwsItemParts
Defines message elements available for download using DownloadItem(ItemId, EwsItemParts) or DownloadItems(FolderId, ItemView, Boolean, EwsItemParts) methods.