ImapSetSeenForEntireMessages Property
Specifies if MailBee should also set SEEN flag when downloading entire messages.

Namespace: MailBee.ImapMail
Assembly: MailBee.NET (in MailBee.NET.dll) Version: 12.2.0 build 630 for .NET 4.5
public bool SetSeenForEntireMessages { get; set; }

Property Value

Type: Boolean
true if MailBee also sets SEEN flags when downloading entire messages; false if MailBee does not change message flags on downloading entire messages. The default value is false.
By default, MailBee won't set SEEN flag when downloading a message. You can override this behavior with this property.
Note Note
This property affects only DownloadEntireMessage(Int64, Boolean) and DownloadEntireMessages(String, Boolean) methods. Methods like DownloadEnvelopes(String, Boolean, EnvelopeParts, Int32) do not depend on this property and provide their own means of controlling whether to set SEEN flag or not.
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