Pop3 Properties
Pop3 Properties

The Pop3 type exposes the following members.

Public propertyEnableLastDownloaded
Gets or sets whether MailBee should save currently downloaded messages in LastDownloadedMessages property.
Public propertyInboxMessageCount
Gets the number of messages in the inbox.
Public propertyInboxPreloadOptions
Gets or sets the status of whether MailBee will download the list of message sizes and/or the list of message lengths during logging in the inbox.
Public propertyInboxSize
Gets the total size (in bytes) occupied by all the messages in the inbox.
Public propertyIsAborted
Indicates whether Abort method has been called for the component.
Public propertyIsBusy
Indicates whether the component is performing a lengthy operation.
Public propertyIsConnected
Indicates whether the component is connected to the server.
Public propertyIsLoggedIn
Indicates whether the component has already successfully authenticated on the server and logged in the user account.
Public propertyIsSslConnection
Indicates whether the current connection (if any) iss secured with TLS/SSL layer.
Public propertyCode exampleLastDownloadedMessages
Gets the collection of the messages downloaded to the current moment.
Public propertyLastResult
Gets a numeric code of the last error.
Public propertyStatic memberLicenseKey Obsolete.
Assigns the license key.
Public propertyCode exampleLog
Gets the object used for logging MailBee activities into a file or memory buffer.
Public propertyCode exampleProxy
Provides access to the settings which allow MailBee to connect to a mail server via a proxy server.
Public propertyRaiseEvents
Gets or sets whether the component will raise any events.
Public propertyRaiseEventsViaMessageLoop
Gets or sets whether the events will be raised on the message loop of the application or not.
Public propertyRequestEncoding
Gets or sets the encoding used to convert a string into a bytes stream which is then sent to the server.
Public propertyResponseEncoding
Gets or sets the encoding used to convert a byte data received from the server into a string.
Public propertySite
Gets or sets the object to be used as a site for the component.
Public propertyCode exampleSslCertificates
Provides access to the client and server SSL certificate settings.
Public propertyCode exampleSslMode
Gets or sets how the component should establish TLS/SSL connection with the mail server.
Public propertySslProtocol
Gets or sets the security protocol to be used for performing TLS/SSL negotiation and data encryption.
Public propertySynchronizingObject
Gets or sets the object used to marshal the calls of the event handlers.
Public propertyThrowExceptions
Gets or sets whether the component will throw exceptions on errors.
Public propertyTimeout
Gets or sets the amount of time (in milliseconds) the component will wait for a response from the server.
Public propertyTrialDaysLeft
Gets the number of days left to the date of the trial license key expiration.
Public propertyVersion
Gets the version of the MailBee assembly.
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