MailBee.NET Objects  

Assembly Reference

This section lists the most frequently used classes of MailBee.NET Objects library.

Main classes

Class Name Namespace Description
Smtp MailBee.SmtpMail Sends single and bulk mail using SMTP protocol, makes forward and reverse DNS queries.
Pop3 MailBee.Pop3Mail Downloads mail from POP3 servers.
Imap MailBee.ImapMail Downloads and manages e-mails and folders on IMAP4 servers.
Ews MailBee.EwsMail Provides means for working with e-mails, folders and other items on MS Exchange and Office 365 server via Managed EWS API.
MailMessage MailBee.Mime Represents an e-mail message.
Smime MailBee.Security Encrypts, decrypts, signs and verifies e-mails (S/MIME).
DomainKeys MailBee.Security Signs and verifies e-mails (DomainKeys).
BayesFilter MailBee.AntiSpam Checks if e-mail is spam, by analyzing its content.
RblFilter MailBee.AntiSpam Checks if e-mail is spam, by looking up its originating IP address in online RBL DNS databases.
MsgConvert MailBee.Outlook Converts e-mails between Outlook .MSG and RFC822 .EML formats.
PstReader MailBee.Outlook Extracts folders, messages and other data from .PST files.
HtmlToPdf MailBee.Pdf Converts table-based HTML documents into PDF format.
EmailAddressValidator MailBee.AddressCheck Verifies a single e-mail address or a bulk of addresses for correct syntax or existence.
DeliveryStatusParser MailBee.BounceMail Checks if e-mail is delivery or non-delivery report.
MailBeeException MailBee The base class of all exceptions thrown by MailBee classes.

Helper classes for creating and displaying messages

Class Name Namespace Description
Attachment MailBee.Mime Represents an attachment or embedded picture.
AttachmentCollection MailBee.Mime Represents a list of attachments.
EmailAddress MailBee.Mime Represents an e-mail address (including display name and e-mail part).
EmailAddressCollection MailBee.Mime Represents a list of recipients.
MailMerge MailBee.Mime Provides advanced options for creating messages from templates.
MessageBuilderConfig MailBee.Mime Provides options for post-processing composed messages (such as creating plain-text version from HTML body).
MessageParserConfig MailBee.Mime Provides options for post-processing parsed messages (such as displaying embedded pictures).
Element MailBee.Html Allows the developer to manipulate Document Object Model of HTML documents (including HTML messages), remove or alter certain tags, examine the document structure, etc.

Helper classes for sending mail

Class Name Namespace Description
DeliveryNotificationOptions MailBee.SmtpMail Specifies Delivery Status Notification settings.
DnsServer MailBee.DnsMX Represents a DNS server to which send MX queries when no SMTP relay servers available.
DnsServerCollection MailBee.DnsMX Represents a list of DNS servers.
SmtpServer MailBee.SmtpMail Represents an SMTP relay server to send mail to.
SmtpServerCollection MailBee.SmtpMail Represents a list of SMTP relay servers.
SendMailJob MailBee.SmtpMail Represents a bulk mail job (sending multiple e-mails with or without database mail merge).

Miscellaneous classes

Class Name Namespace Description
ErrorCodes MailBee Lists all error codes defined in MailBee library.
Global MailBee Specifies MailBee library configuration settings.
Logger MailBee Provides file and memory logging capabilities for MailBee components.

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