We created a perfect partnership program for you. Build your own business e-mail cloud with us.


Do you give your customers free email accounts? Get an additional revenue stream by offering them the upgrade to a corporate-grade subscription without any migration. Easy as a single click!

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How do you like it when somebody takes your subscribers away?

We know you wouldn't like it much.

What happens if somebody like Exchange Hosted or Google Apps makes you an offer to provide your customers with email this provider will host on its own servers.

"Why to have all this headache with hosting that free email services on my own servers when I can outsource it to Exchange Hosted or Google Apps", you think?

But what is the dark side of these offerings?

Yes, you become a reseller, and your subscribers move to the market majors' servers, and some of the customers finally migrate away. And your hosting business gradually fades away either.


But what if we give you a reasonable solution to convert your free email services into a new revenue stream?

And guarantee the complete free support for the lifetime of the partnership? Keeping your customers on your servers.

This is what our business innovation about. We help you improve your Hosting business, making it stronger, and stick your subscribers to you.


Partnership program

Our goal is to make your business stronger. This is why we created a unique partnership strategy, where we don't take any money from you until your business actually works. Moreover, we help you with any roll-outs, for free.

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This is true. You pay only when you earn.

When we establish the partnership, we get a mutual system of values. Your profit is when your business works, and here is where our profit appears. That's why we want you to feel ultimately safe.

The partnership program is made this way - you don't pay us any fees until you actually start selling your new product to your subscribers. You don't pay us any licensing fees, neither any fees for the support and maintenance. No investments on a trial period. And if you wish, we will also install and integrate Aurora into your infrastructure. Yes, also for free.


We only get a small percent of your subscriptions' fees actually sold. The exact percent value is subject to discussion and can be varied to keep your business profitable.



Aurora is made as a self-contained software, supported with abstract interfaces to iterate with any nuances of your environment. Include it into your bundle of services with ease.

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Simple yet rich integration.

No matter if you're using Parallels Operations Automation or any other automation software, which email server you're using, or you may have no email server at all. Nevertheless, our system can be installed in your environment with ease.

We have a number of rich API and REST connectors which let us tightly integrate our system with the modules of your system without the need to mess with your servers. Aurora will stand alone and call your modules only if you need this, or use its own modules if you don't.


Moreover, in terms of the partnership program we'll assist you with the integration process and will do all the work needed from our end to get the integration complete. Surely, for free.

Our goal is your comfort and profit. We help you install the service and we support it for free for the lifetime of our cooperation.


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