Aurora Corporate

Self-hosted email groupware for businesses and providers

Share files and calendars, collaborate on documents, work with email – and stay in control

Current version: 9.7.8 Last update: 10 June 2024

On-premises solution

You retain all the control over your data. Your privacy is respected.


Comply with regulation

Comply with business- and government-enforced regulations including GDPR and HIPAA, and prevent data leaks.

gdpr hippa


Share contacts, calendars, folders and files with teammates, collaboratively edit documents and access version history.


Send and receive email

Check email in multiple accounts with Unified Inbox, use mail threads, filters, multiple signatures and mail templates.

Email module can connect to your existing IMAP accounts, no need to migrate mail to a new platform.

unified inbox

CardDAV / CalDAV

Contacts and calendars sync via DAV protocols (native for Apple devices, supported with 3rd party clients on other platforms).

ActiveSync option

Available as a server add-on, enables mail, contacts, calendars sync between Aurora, mobile devices, and MS Outlook.

Outlook connector

Available for Outlook for Windows, 32/64 bit. Syncs contacts and calendars between Outlook and Aurora.

mock up

Access from any device

Lets your users just type their email/password and never deal with mail server settings or blocked IMAP/SMTP ports by using iOS/Android email client.

Personal and corporate file storage

Your own cloud storage, with DAV sync. As a backend, can use the server's local or remote S3-compatible storage. Your users can access it via web, brandable mobile or Windows apps.

file storage

Windows desktop app

Syncs a folder on a user's PC with their cloud storage in Aurora Corporate

desktop app

iOS/Android file client

These apps can be branded and preconfigured for your business

mobile app

Server package

Install Aurora Corporate on your server and give it a try

server package

Edit documents online

With OnlyOffice integration, you can edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations.
Supports versioning and collaborative document editing with other users.


Chat with team mates

Aurora Corporate can integrate with Rocket.Chat and Jitsi to enable instant messaging and audio/video calls between the members of your organization.


Encryption and security

AES-256 end-to-end encryption of files right in the browser, OpenPGP for emails, SSL/TLS. Sharing files with team mates and external users in a normal and encrypted way.



Integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and your corporate portal. Plugin architecture lets you extend the application in many ways, including user interface adjustments.

Attach your external storage as a folder in Aurora Corporate. Integrate Aurora Corporate into your CRM or user portal with a Single-Sign-On API or LDAP.


Mail server edition

Optionally includes Dovecot/Exim mail server (if you don't have your own). If you already have a mail server, Aurora can use it just fine. If not, Aurora also has the mail server edition which includes all the necessary components. At no additional cost.

mail server

Popular technology stack

Aurora is written in PHP, supports MySQL/MariaDB, Apache/NGINX/IIS, Linux/Windows.

Mail server edition comes with Exim, Dovecot, NGINX.

technology stack

More features

Multiple IMAP accounts (with Unified Inbox)

OAuth 2.0 over IMAP

Notes (Apple-compatible)

MS Office formats viewer

Mail threads

Mail filters (Sieve)

Drag-n-drop of attachments into webmail

Can open winmail.dat and .zip attachments

LDAP auth and address book

Identities with signatures

Attachment preview thumbnails

Login with social networks (Google, Facebook)

Google Drive and Dropbox support

Import and export of contacts

Save e-mail as PDF

Customization and branding
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Revenue stream for service providers
Multi-tenant nature, configurable feature plans and upsell capability make Aurora Corporate a perfect choice for hosting providers and ISPs willing to increase their revenue from providing email services.
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