AfterLogic Unified Messaging Solution

AfterLogic Unified Messaging Solution

designed for Mobile Operators
and Telco Carriers

Next generation user interface, fully customizable, designed to be integrated with your infrastructure.

AfterLogic Unified Messaging Solution (UMS) is a robust technology platform used by leading mobile operators and telephone companies.

By providing this mature and feature-rich messaging portal to their subscribers, providers avail themselves of all the benefits of a modern interface without the burden of developing, customizing, integrating and maintaining complex systems.

AfterLogic, as part of its core business model, provides not only the software, but also the necessary professional services, to make each project an unequivocal success.


UMS made easier to deploy to let telecoms minimize efforts to integrate it into their infrastructure.

With the support of LDAP authentication, REST API's, IMS compatibility and its own rich API you can be sure the new services will be deployed in the most cost-effective manner.


Customers demand fast, clean and eye-candy user interfaces. They don't want any delays between browser and server either. So we developed a special technology to reduce such delays to the very minimum and make the user interface actually lightning-speed.


UMS is built to let any part of it be replaced or adjusted to fit the specifics of your system. Any module can be turned on or off. The behavior of any component can be fine-tuned to suit the needs of an external system. You set the rules!

Dozens of millions users worldwide!

Telecom systems are millions of users and heavy loads.
AfterLogic successfully works with a number of world's major providers offering communication services to tens millions of end users. UMS has proven itself as a highly reliable and scalable solution.


Using white-label model, UMS is deployed under the label and corporate style of the telecom company. The branding process made quick, easy, and efficient.


The system provides user interface in more than 20 languages. It also fully supports right-to-left (RTL) layout for Hebrew and Arabic.

It's easy to add new or extend existing translations.

Backed with the team of technology maniacs.

Our goal is to make sure the deployment of the new services goes the most efficient and reliable way.

We are here to maintain, integrate and optimize it for your precise infrastructure.

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