Afterlogic Triton

Transactional and newsletter emails sending solution.

AfterLogic Triton

Your own self-hosted transactional email service

  • Self hosted

    There are lots of SaaS email applications such as Mandrill or SendinBlue. They have different features and pricing. The main disadvantage is that you have to host your inventory at third-party service. With self hosted solution you have full control of your emails ecosystem. Learn more why 37 signals are using own mail servers

  • Go custom

    Sometimes basic functionality is not enough so you can add some custom features. Powered by Laravel Triton has well organized and clean code. Extend it yourself or request custom development from us.

  • Microservice

    Your emails are hardcoded in monolith? Use Triton as your emails microservice. Split the responsibility and focus on your app, Triton will take care of emails.

  • Cheap

    Use your own SMTP servers or cheap alternatives such as Amazon SES and it will be still cheaper compared to SaaS solutions. No monthly charges or volume fees.

Free trial

Get your fully functional 30-day trial in a few clicks.
No feature limitations, no credit card required.

Current version: 1.0.0 Last update: 10 October 2017

More advantages

  • Templating

    Templating couldn’t be any more pliable. Forget about limited merging tags. Triton uses Blade templating engine so you can use Blade or even raw PHP syntax! Variables, loops, conditions, inheritance, custom functions and whatever you want from the box. Of course Triton has built in CSS inliner and other tools for working with email-specific HTML.

  • Transactional emails

    Use triggers to setup reactions on your app’s events. Set custom HTTP-headers, define custom variables and switch triggers off when needed. Use dynamic subjects for more flexibility. Subjects also are Blade-templates, so you are limited only by your imagination!

  • Newsletter emails

    We call it campaigns. Schedule them or run immediately. You can control sending process like an audio player (play\pause\stop) without worries that the given recipient will receive same email twice.

  • Tracking & Stats

    Use tracking categories to manage statistic flows. You can accumulate stats from different triggers or campaigns into single tracking category. Sent & Opened metrics are captured by each recipient.

And dozens even more...