Consulting and Development Services


To install WebMail Pro or MailSuite Pro on your server, you can use step-by-step wizards shipped with these products or rely on us to do this for you.

Our experts will be able to install and properly configure the software in your environment, including installation of missing system components, firewall configuration and qualified consulting on setting up DNS records. *

* DNS configuration and other activities beyond the physical installation of the product on your server are not included in the standard Installation Service and are subject to an additional agreement

Data Migration

You want to migrate from your existing mail platform to AfterLogic solution? We can make sure all your users accounts with their mail and other data will be transferred to the new platform.

This process may involve analyzing your existing platform, writing migration scripts, and supporting the migrated solution. With the level of experience of AfterLogic specialists in this areas, the data migration results in a safe and predictable task.


AfterLogic mail solutions come with an easy-to-use integration APIs (programming interfaces) which let other applications control our software. Beyond that, you can engage AfterLogic developers to perform all the integration for you, such as seamlessly fit WebMail Pro interface into your web portal layout, unify authentication procedures and data structures.

Product Customization

Many AfterLogic products are shipped as source code which you can modify for your needs. Still, you may prefer to leave customization of the product to those who created it and know it inside out.

Our specialists can fine-tune AfterLogic software for your particular server environment for better performance, add new or modify existing features and program modules and provide you with an expert consulting on best usage practices and internals of the product in case if you decide to make customizations on your own.

Custom Software Development

Our developers are trained to act as an extension of your organization. We could either manage all aspects of your project or supplement your existing team. Most custom projects utilize mature and widely accepted technologies, including the following:
  • ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, C++
  • PHP, Apache, Linux
  • MS SQL Server, MySQL, Access
  • AJAX, Web 2.0
  • Flash

For more information about custom development, please submit the initial information below: