MailBee SMTP Component

MailBee SMTP Component

Allows your applications or ASP web pages to create and send email messages over SMTP protocol just in a few lines of code
MailBee Objects bundle includes SMTP, POP3, IMAP, S/MIME components.

MailBee SMTP is an easy to use ActiveX component for creating and sending e-mail messages through SMTP servers. You can compose plain-text and HTML messages with attachments and embedded pictures in any language including UTF-8. Or, you can send e-mails prepared by other programs (for instance, sent e-mail from a file or memory).

This is ActiveX component. Looking for .NET version? See MailBee.NET SMTP.

MailBee SMTP supports all kinds of SMTP servers and can send through a relay server or directly to the server of the end recipient (the component lets you make DNS MX queries). You can also submit e-mails to IIS SMTP pickup folder or MailBee.NET Queue.

The component supports SSL via both dedicated port 465 and regular 25/587 ports via STARTTLS. The best supported SSL protocol is TLS 1.3.

The component fully supports ESMTP authentication, including methods used by MS Exchange and IIS SMTP service such as GSSAPI and NTLM. You can supply the user credentials or use Integrated Windows Authentication.

MailBee SMTP can easily interoperate with other MailBee components. For instance, you can use MailBee S/MIME to sign and encrypt the e-mail before sending, or use MailBee SMTP to forward the e-mail you just received using MailBee POP3.

Supports all Windows versions from 2000, 32/64 bit.

No knowledge of SMTP, SSL, MIME and S/MIME is required.

SMTP Object

  • Can send any Message object to SMTP server
  • Can send messages to IIS SMTP queue or MailBee.NET Queue system instead of direct sending to SMTP server. Queuing allows SMTP component to operate very quickly because messages are actually delivered in a background ("fire and forget" delivery)
  • Supports ESMTP authentication and secure authentication methods (OAuth 2.0, CRAM-MD5, NTLM, GSSAPI, including Integrated Windows Authentication)
  • Can relay (blind-forward) messages stored in disk files (RelayMessage method)
  • Supports creating plain-text and HTML messages. For HTML messages, HTML Import option is available (it allows you to export HTML files with embedded graphics, style-sheets, etc with a single line of code)
  • Supports non-standard text body parts such as calendar items
  • Provides method to add custom MIME-headers (AddHeader method)
  • Supports unlimited number of attachments
  • Supports international headers, attachment names, e-mail addresses with IDN domains
  • Can preserve original formatting of plain-text keeping long lines unwrapped but still providing compatibility with MIME rules (BodyEncoding property)
  • Includes method MakeAltBody to create plain-text version of HTML body if plain-text version is not available
  • Supports logging SMTP session into a file
  • Supports event mechanism to track send progress (and abort sending if needed)
  • OAuth 2.0 support, including Gmail and Office 365

Smtp Object reference...

MailMessage Object

  • Available in all MailBee Objects packages (POP3, SMTP, Objects). Used as a main unit POP3 retrieval and SMTP sending methods operate with
  • Because SMTP object composes messages using Message object, all composing functionality of SMTP object also applies to Message object
  • Includes collection of a message's attachments
  • Provides access to custom message headers through GetHeader method
  • Can be created explicitly through CreateObject and then saved to disk or sent by SMTP object
  • Any content can be loaded to RawBody property (such as content of message file or attachment with message inside)
  • RawBody operates symmetrically: when you set Message properties or call Message-affecting methods (such as AddAttachment), RawBody will reflect this changes next time you read it; when you load RawBody with new value, other Message properties such as BodyText are refreshed
  • No redundant refreshes on RawBody. If you sequentially change some Message properties, RawBody will be updated only when you read it, not after every changing Message properties

Message Object reference...

What's new

Version 9.4.1

  • PLAIN authentication for SMTP now supports delegated account access (where account to send from and authenticating account are different).
  • SSL certificate validation logic rewritten, works faster and more reliably/correctly.

Version 9.4

  • TLS 1.3 support.

Version 9.3

  • OAuth 2.0 support, including Gmail and Office 365

Version 9.2

  • Better IPv6 support.
  • See History for other changes and details.

Version 9.1

  • Support of international e-mail addresses (IDN domains).

Version 9.0.2

  • SHA256 signatures to all .DLLs (in addition to SHA1 signatures).

Version 9.0.1

  • TLS 1.1/1.2 support.

Version 9.0

  • Authenticode signatures for all .DLLs and the installer.
  • SMTP EHLO/HELO now uses the local machine host name if SMTP.Domain property not set.
  • Samples now reside in My Documents instead of Program Files (eliminates UAC issues when opening sample projects).

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