BIG NEWS: AfterLogic Aurora integrates corporate email, collaboration, and helpdesk

Thursday, 26 September 2013
We're launching our Next Big Thing here at AfterLogic - Aurora. Aurora combines business email server, global address book, shared calendar, corporate files storage, and helpdesk module into a single integrated environment. This lets businesses run most of their common communication tasks in a unified way sparing the need to learn and integrate different services, each time at their own risk. Multi-tenant nature of Aurora also makes it ready for hosters and other cloud providers to offer business collaboration services to their clients. Backed up with a flexible partnership program, Aurora lets providers start collaboration hosting quickly and at no additional cost, increasing their revenue. The main idea of Aurora platform is to keep it simple. Aurora puts the focus on serving key tasks which are actually performed by SMB's. Most SMB's use only 10% of features supported by full-fledged services and have difficulties with everyday use of these heavy products. Our goal is to give users that very 10% and keep the whole system free from burden of unnecessary features. Top-notch user experience is another goal. Aurora utilizes the latest web technologies to provide inspiring and highly responsive user interface. With extensive use of caching and pre-caching Aurora platform delivers performance and response times comparable to those of desktop applications. Under the hood, Aurora takes advantage of a mature codebase and many years of our experience in building e-mail server applications. A new product, the proven technology! Interested? Find more: And feel free to drop us a message:

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